We offer accommodation in four rooms and two family rooms. Maximal accommodation capacity is 20 beds. Each room has its own bathroom with toilet and TV. There is a room for ski and bicycle storage, two kitchens and a day-room with TV and a fireplace. The guests can also use billiard and table tennis.

Room number Number of beds Shower Bath WC Balcony TV
1 3 yes yes yes yes
2 2 yes yes yes yes
3 (family room) 2+2 yes yes yes yes
4 2 yes yes yes yes
5 (family room) 2+3 yes yes yes
6 3 yes yes yes

Family room consists of two impassable rooms.

Common equipment:

  • BIG day-room with TV, billiard and fire-place
  • cook-out with a possibility to grill or bake
  • 2 x kitchens, dishwasher, oven
  • table tennis
  • room for ski and bicycle storage
  • playground and swing for children
  • free WiFi in all house


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