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West Tatras – Roháče

Roháče are the second highest mountains in Slovakia with the maximum hight 2248 m. They consist of 6 parts: Osobitá, Sivý vrch, Liptovské Tatry, Roháče, Červené vrchy and Liptovské kopy. The highest hill on the main crest is Baníkov with the hight 2178 m. Roháče on the west side of the mountains are the most beautiful and attractive part of the West Tatras. You can find various touristic trails from easy walks to difficult trails in Roháče. One of the touristic trails goes directly around our boarding house.


Museum of Orava Village – 3 km

One of the most beautiful European museums of folk architecture Museum of Orava Village is situated only 3 km from our boarding house.

It is situated in a beautiful nature under the mountains Roháče and it is open in the summer and winter. The museum provides an opportunity to imagine how Orava people lived and worked in the past. 56 buildings lie on the both banks of the creek Studená. The dominant part of the museum is the late gothic wooden church from Zabrez from the 15th century.

Orava castle – 30 km

In the village Oravský Podzámok lies one of the most known Slovak castles, known from the fairy tales. It was built on a big rock and its oldest part comes from the 13th century.

Ski resorts

Ski resort Zverovka – Spálená – 8 km

It is situated in the valley under Salatín. The centre of the resort is in the altitude of 1090 m. 2 ski lifts – 200 m long and 400 m long and a cableway 1500 m long, which has a top station in the altitude of 1460 m, start from this point. In the upper part of the resort there is a ski lift with the length 900 m. There are downhills for beginners and advanced skiers (from blue to black). Naturally there are snack bars, ski service, ski rental, ski school and snowboard school there. Good natural conditions and technical snow enable this resort to start ski season as one of the first in Slovakia and finish it after Easter.

Ski centre Zuberec – Janovky – 2 km

Top station is in the altitude of 1030 m, the downhill is 1400 m long. The centre is suitable for all categories of skiers and it ideal for family skiing. Technical snow enables skiing also when there is not enough natural snow. There is also a ski service and a possibility of evening skiing.

Ski centre Zuberec – Milotín – 2 km

Top station is in the altitude of 1055 m. There are 2 long ski lifts with the length 1280 m, 500 m long ski lift and 80 m long ski lift for kids. The centre is suitable for all categories of skiers and it provides an opportunity of evening skiing.

Swimming pools and watersports

Aqua Park Tatralandia Liptovský Mikuláš – 28 km

The biggest year-around aqua park in Slovakia, 9 thermal pools, 21 toboggans and slides, lots of attractions.

Thermal Park Bešeňová – 32 km

Thermal park has 8 outdoor pools – 2 swimming pools, 5 relaxation pools and 1 roller coaster and 3 internal pools, various water attractions (wild water, water mushroom, water bowl, underwater benches etc.) Geothermal water springs from the depth of 2000 m with a temperature of 60,5 °C. Water temperature in pools is 27 – 40 °C. There is also wellness centre and relaxation centre.

Thermal Park Oravice – 12 km

Thermal Park open year-round has geothermal water spring with a temperature of 57 °C. There are 2 pools with the temperature of 32-38 °C in the area of the swimming pool. Thermal water has healing effects on the illnesses of locomotive organs, urinary tract and kidneys.

Meander Park Oravice – 12 km

Modern complex of the pools, which uses thermal water from the depth of 1611 m with the temperature of 58 °C, enables swimming in all seasons. Thermal water is rich in minerals, with beneficial effects on human body.

Orava Lake – 28 km

Orava lake is a reservoir built at the confluence of two sources of the Orava river. It provides an opportunity for yachting, water cycling, surfing and other water sports. In summer scenic ships sail to the island of art Slanica.

Liptovská Mara Lake – 28 km

Liptovská Mara lake is situated near the town Liptovský Mikuláš, it is a part of the system of reservoirs on the river Váh. The best area for relax is near Liptovský Trnovec.


Brestovská jaskyňa – 3 km

The first open cave of Orava and West Tatras. For a limited number of entrances, it is advisable to order a tour in advance.

Demänovská Cave of Liberty – 38 km

The most visited Slovak cave, national nature monument, is located on the northern side of the Low Tatras in Demänovská Valley between Liptovský Mikuláš and well known ski resort Jasná.

Demänovská Ice Cave – 38 km

The cave entrance is located in the cliff Bašta on the northern side of the Low Tatras, only two kilometers northerly from Demänovská Cave of Liberty. Ice fill has been formed in the cave for the last 500 years and in combination with calcite decoration the cave offers a very interesting tour. Both caves are a part of national nature monument Demänovské Caves in Demänovská valley, where you can visit also Vrbické tarn.

Other attractions in surroundings

Ride on tank – Podbieľ – 12 km

Adrenalin experience in Podbieľ. Tank is driven by the owner of the company. The ride is 3 km long in a rough terrain.

Traditional boats (plte) on river Orava – 30 km

Scenic cruise on the traditional boats (plte) under the rock of Orava Castle.

Traditional boats (plte) in Podbieľ – 12 km

7 km long cruise on the river Orava.

Zakopané – 45 km

Attractive touristic centre on the Polish side of the Tatras, rich in folk traditions.

Bobrova raľa – 12 km

Conservation area of folk architecture, which consists of 64 original wooden houses.

Františkova huta Podbieľ – 12 km

This old ironworks is on the list of protected technical monuments of the Slovak Republic.

Kvačianska valley Oblazy – 10 km

Kvačianska valley is magnificent gorge with basin Oblazy, where we can find wooden water mill and sawmill – monuments of folk technical architecture.